Service guaranteed
Total Dairy Service and Coweld Feed Systems understand the pressures in running a dairy business and are committed to providing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week breakdown service. The team are experts in the field and with over 50 years combined experience they are the leaders in getting your dairy or feed system up and running again.

In addition to 24-7 support, Total Dairy Service and Coweld Feed Systems can help your business become more profitable with regular servicing, tests and controls which make your machinery more reliable and reduce your personal stress. Time is always important and milk production delays can be expensive as disruptions cause reactions throughout the farm and costs can easily escalate.

Preventive maintenance
Preventive maintenance is a scheduled maintenance program that suits your individual needs and accurately evaluates, calibrates and ensures that the milking machine is set up correctly.

Your individualised program will depend on the size of your herd, the number of milking machines and the time it takes to milk and clean. In addition, we can service your cooling, feeding and manure equipment. Regular testing and maintenance will help to ensure peak system performance, extend its lifetime and minimize equipment down time.

Scheduled service is a competent way of keeping farms running in a sustainable manner, especially as the size and complexity of dairy operations increase. Less waste is accumulated, animal health is better preserved, profits are boosted and the risk and cost of emergency call-outs is reduced.

Advisory service
We provide training for you and your employees at system start-up, schedule follow-up visits for system evaluation, and offer ongoing advisory services for more efficient farm management.

Contact the team for further information on service programs.

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