Coweld Feed Systems is now a division of Total Dairy Service and your local dealer of FEEDTECH Feeding Systems
and SKIOLD – our leading supplier of milling and grinding equipment.
The feed systems are made from quality materials and can be tailored to meet your needs be it a herringbone, rotary, rapid exit or robotic dairies. We also designs other dairy and feed equipment including augers, roller mills, feed carts and mineral dispensers along with service and maintenance on all feed systems and augers for any dairy. Searching for motors and gearboxes for all your equipment, we stock a huge range in store to suit your needs.
For general welding we offer in house or onsite welding including Arc, Mig, stainless steel Tig welding for all repairs. Our Fabricators can also custom make projects such as steel pipe work for dairy yards, gates, dairy bails, feed bins, and kick rails all to suit your requirements for your dairy. They can custom make, supply and install feed troughs for your dairy, calf shed design, layout and installation.

If you are thinking about an upgrade to your dairy or feed system, or a new dairy, call one of our team members today on (03) 5598 3337.

feed bins


Augers are made to order based on the needs and requirements of the farmer and their farm.

We supply:

  • Centerless Auger & Casing
  • Pencil Augers
  • Boots & Anchor Shafts
  • Adapters
  • Unidrive
roller mill

Roller Mills

Roller Mills are constructed of a galvanised mild steel base and housing, the rollers are high quality flame hardened steel with helicle grooves.

We supply:

  • Single Roller Mills
  • Twin Roller Mills
  • Under & Over Roller Mills
  • Attrition Disc Mills


We can customise your feed system to the way you want it. All built with quality workmanship these also include silo systems and pellet feeders.

We supply:

  • Rotary Feeders
  • Flatson Blanket Feeder
  • Flatson Selecta Feeder
  • Trevaskis Feed System
  • Robot Feeders
  • Auto Sheep Feeder


We can supply a range of additive dispenses to suit to size of your farm all made from quality materials.

We supply:

  • Additives
  • Bulk Additives
  • Hoppers

Disc Mills

The choice of your milling and grinding machine is determined by the type of feed that is to be produced – whether it is basic feed or fine-grind feed.

We supply:

  • Hammer Mills
  • Crushers
  • Magnets