Feed Systems

Coweld, as a division of Total Dairy Service, is committed to providing high quality feed systems to the dairy industry. Everything from roller mills, to augers and mineral dispensers to feed out carts, Coweld has your needs covered.

Coweld understands that every farm and farmers needs are different. Augers are made to order based on the needs of the individual farm.

- motor gearbox drive.
- belt and pulleys drive.
- single or 3 phase motor.
- hot dipped galvanized casing.
- sizes available:
3 1/2″, 4″, 5″, 6″ and 8″

Roller mills
Coweld Roller mills are constructed of a galvanized mild steel base and housing, the rollers are high quality flame hardened steel with helicle cut grooves.

- all v belt drive (minimal noise and low maintenance)
- spring loaded roller (protection of rollers from foreign object eg. rocks)
- quick release handle (in case of blockage)
- sealed inlet and outlet (no dust outside mill)
- high strength magnet (protection rollers from steel objects)
- 3 phase or 480v motor
- carbon impregnated flame hardened rollers (long lasting hard wearing)
- triple lip bearings (long lasting)
- cast iron t/l pulleys (long lasting)
- simple adjustment( 2×13/16 spanner)
range in size from 6,9, and 12 inch

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